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Established in February 25, 1986, Agway Chemicals started as a dealer of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers in Davao City.  It  traced  its  root  as  a  small  business  endeavor  with  the  initiative  of Mr. Glicerio B. Rosario. It was founded along Sta. Ana Avenue under the trade name “Agway Chemicals” with only three people functioning all around. By the 90’s, the intensity of rivalry among competing firms increased and branches in Bankerohan in Davao City and Banay-banay in Davao Oriental were established respectively.

Over the years, operations and transactions became complicated as the business served vast number of dealers, plantations, growers and farmers. Mr. Rosario realized that sole proprietorship form of business could not carry on with the industry’s needs. Soon after, he decided to restructure the entire business by creating a new management which originally incorporated on November 22, 2004. The single type business became a family-owned business of the Rosarios. As part of the transformation, Agway Chemicals also changed its name to Agway Chemicals Corporation. In the following years, the company was able to expand more branches located in some areas in Visayas and Mindanao.

In the following years, the company was able to expand more branches located in some strategic areas of Visayas and Mindanao. Along with this progress, the Rosario’s owned several farms and was able to acquire Agro Technoproducts Inc. ― which commercially operates as importer of agricultural chemicals from abroad. Through this, agway held proprietary products which happened to be the only

distributor all over the Philippines. On the 18th of October 2008, another major event transpired as Agway

Chemicals Corporation transferred and inaugurated the epic building located at JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.

Today, the company is engaged in the trading industry as an area distributor of branded agricultural chemicals and fertilizers from multinational suppliers such as Bayer Crop Science, Du Pont, Syngenta, and Sinochem Philippines. The company extended its services in selling generic products, seeds and farm equipment. It has 11 branches strategically located in several areas in Visayas and Mindanao and it never stops intensifying the quality of services, branching out and increasing the workforce. Likewise, it is active in corporate social responsibility (i.e. building houses, self-motivated in every GK projects and other charitable developments) as an avenue of giving back the fruitful journey over the years.




Revenue Ended December 2006                             : P 333,762,334.92
Revenue Ended December 2007                             : 338,413,194.91
Revenue Ended December 2008                             : 559,078,092.31
Revenue Ended December 2009                             : 701,458,810.00
Revenue Ended December 2010                             : 1,028,095,333.00
Revenue Ended December 2011                              : 1,313,569,732.59
Revenue Ended December 2012                             : 1,498,704,636.17
Revenue Ended December 2013                             : 1,480,336,755.00
Employees as of March 2013                                   : 136
Branches as of March 2013                                      : 12


  1. Ader
  2. Deliver
  3. Strength
  4. Tekweed
  5. Vessel




Brand Name Active Ingredient
1. Agricote 80 WP Mancozeb
2. Banguard 80 WG Thiram
3. Baron 720 SC Chlorothalonil
4. Benomyl 50 WP Benomyl
5. Daninil 720 SC Chlorothalonil
6. Free  75 WP Chlorothalonil
7. Frowncide 50 SC Fluazinam
8. Remedy 42 SC Mancozeb
9. Thiophanate M 70 WP Thiopanate
10. Sanazole 250 EC Propiconazole
11. Nordox 50 WP Copper fungicide


Brand Name Active Ingredient
1. Ader 5 EC Cypermethrin
2. Atabron 5 EC ( IGR ) Chlorfluazuron
3. Deliver 2.5 EC Lambdacyhalothrin
4. Malathion 57 EC Malathion
5. Strength 40 SP Methomyl
6.  Talstar 10 WP  Bifenthrin
7. Vessel 30 EC  Chlorpyrifos
8.Victory 85 WP Carbaryl
Brand Name Active Ingredient
1. Tekweed 480 SL Glyphosate
2. Smart 480 SL Glyphosate
3. Onecide 15 EC Fluazipop-butyl


Brand Name Active Ingredient
1. DS 100 Quartenary Ammonium Compds & alkaline salts


Brand name Active Ingredient
2. Nematorin 10 G Fosthiazate


Foliar Fertilizers

Brand Name

  1. Great Crop 19-19-19/15-15-30
  2. Algafer 11-3-4

For  Product Dev’t & FPA Reg.

Brand Name Active Ingredient
1. IKI 220 Flonicamid



  • AFC
  • Aldiz, Inc.
  • Atlas Fertilizer Corporation
  • AVC Chemicals
  • Bayer Cropscience (Philippines)
  • Biostadt
  • Datingbayan
  • Du Pont
  • FMC Corporation
  • Jardine Distribution Inc.,
  • KCCT
  • Leads Agri Products Corporation Philippines
  • Mc Mai Trading
  • Monsanto Philippines
  • Pusan Point
  • Rubiken Trading
  • Sagrex Corporation
  • Sinochem Crop Protection (Philippines)
  • Syngenta Philippines
  • Taminco N.V.
  • Transworld Trading
  • Tropi-Cuke
  • Yara Ferilizers



**Agway Chemicals Corporation is the sole distributor of the products below.

  1. Syngenta Phils

(Sico / Tilt 25 EC, Bankit 25 SC, Ridomil Gold)

  1. Bayer Crop Science

(Baycor 300 DC, Folicur 430 SC, Impulse 500 EC,Siganex 600 EC)

  1. Taminco NV* ( Banguard 80 WG )
  1. Jardine Distribution* ( Lorsban 40 EC, Sumithion 50 EC )
  1. AVC Chemicals* ( Onecide 15 EC , Nemathorin 10 G)
  1. Yara Fertilizers* ( Magtrac 300, Zinctrac 700, Nitrabor 14-25.6-0.3 , Hydran19-4-19)
  1. Sinochem ( Round up 480 SL )
  1. FMC Corporation ( Furadan 10 G, Talstar 10 WG )
  1. Jadesheen Chemicals *( Baron 720 SC, Remedy 420 SC )
  1. Heibei Golhil Chemicals* ( Tekweed 480 SL )
  1. DU Pont ( Lannate )
  1. Dow Agro Sciences ( Dithane M45, Dithane 60 OS )
  1. Transworld Trading ( Topsin M, Kotetsu )

MAJOR MARKET – Crop Segment

  1. Bananas – Cavendish (For Export)
  2. Pineapples (Fresh Fruits and Canned)
  3. Mango Farms
  4. Palm Oil Plantations
  5. Bananas – Lakatan (Local)
  6. Rice / Corn
  7. Durian
  8. Sugarcanes
  9. Cacao


1. Corporate Accounts (Plantations)

  •      Dole Stanfilco
  •      Dole Pineapple
  •      Sumifru ( Phils )Corp
  •      TADECO / DAVCO
  •      Lapanday Foods Corp
  •      Del Monte Fresh Produce Phils
  •      Del Monte Phils Inc
  •      Marsman Estate Plantation Inc
  •      Unifrutti Philippines
  •      La Frutera Phils
  •      Nader & Ebrahim s/o Hassan Phils
  •      Musahamat Farms
  •      Ardexcor
  •      FS Dizon / Comval Tropical Fruits
  •      Filipinas Palm Oil Plantation
  •      First Davao Consolidated Coop

2. Big Land Owners and Financiers

3. Growers and Cooperatives

4. General Trade (Own Branches, Dealers and Sub-dealers)

5. Institutions

6. Over the counter customers (OTC)


  1. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) – C.M. Recto, Davao City
  2. Banco de Oro Universal Bank – Agdao, Davao City
  3. Security Bank – Rizal S, Davao City
  4. Bank of the Philippines Islands – Lanang, Davao City


  • Agway Chemicals Corporation was cited as one of the Top 5000 Corporations in the Philippi
  • Country Champion, World Environment Respect Awards 2007 and 2009
  • Top Revenue Award (2008&2009) from Dupont Philippines
  • Taminco N.V.  Belgium  awarded  it’s  highest  honors  for  it’s  excellent  sales  performance  in achieving the volume of 1,000 tons of Banguard (Mancozeb)
  • Leadership Award  for  it’s  President/CEO  Mr.  Glicerio  B.  Rosario  from  the  Crop  Protection Association of the Philippines (D 2009)
  • Top 25 Business Partners, Allied Botanicals Corp.
  • Syngenta Key Account Top Consumption Award (2004)
  • Syngenta Key Account Outstanding Sales Performance Award (2006)
  • 3rd Top Distributor in Mindanao in the year 2000 (specialty grade), Atlas Fertilizers Corp.

    VISION – What do we want to become?

    “Agway Chemicals Corporation’s vision is to be recognized as the premier distributor of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers in the entire Philippines.”

    MISSION – What is our business?

    We aspire to make ACC the country’s premier distributor of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers. In doing so, we will:

    1. Continue to improve what is vital to the future of our agricultural crop production clients by providing quality products and services.
    2. Constantly deliver positive operating results and industry leading earnings.
    1. Act as an ambassador in the promotion of good agricultural practices by providing appropriate standards for the safe handling and responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides through stewardship.
    2. Provide growth and enrichment opportunities to our employees.
    1. We will maximize the usage of appropriate technologies.


    • RESPECT. We treat others in a kind and courteous manner. Uplifting the rights of each individual and creating a highly adaptable environment where everyone can transcend.
    • INTEGRITY. Possessing strong moral character. We always go after what is humane, just and fair.
    • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. It is the company’s aspiration to develop ways to improve the company and its people.
    • PASSION. Putting a heart in the work.
    • CUSTOMER FOCUS. To provide services and products further than what is expected from us.


    • COMMITMENT. Going beyond the products and servi To be fully dedicated in creating value in everything that we do.


    • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We are dedicated in taking part in improving the lives of the people. Initiating to extend hands to the people in the communities. As our top priority, we are fully responsible in protecting the environment where we live in.


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